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One visit and it's easy to see why Johns is firmly established on the local foodie map as an award winning destination. Our delis are full of local cheeses from the region, UK and rest of the world. We have award winning charcuterie, pies and smoked fish, our own homemade quiches, pâtés, cakes, desserts, freshly baked bread and marinated olives. We provide catering for business lunches, events, parties and other occasions where you want quality local food and drink. Everything is freshly prepared from the fantastic foods in our deli and presented on platters ready for your event.

Deli delights


Candy Cane Brownie


Packed Mushroom Quiche

We’re feeling festive this month (who knows why!) & so, we’ve topped our homemade, famous chocolate brownie with bright and colourful candy canes! It’s a treat even Santa would be proud of.

You loved our Homemade Sausage Rolls so much that we’ve introduced 2 new flavours! Enjoy our new Pork & Apple Sausage Roll & our new Chorizo Sausage Roll (along with the original of course!).

Enjoy something different this lunchtime with our new & exclusive Packed Mushroom Quiche. Perfect hot or cold, on its own or with a fresh salad. A great choice overall.


£2 each

£3.00 each


£3.25 a slice