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We have expanded our cookbook range this month due to a keen interest in these new products so come and have a look whilst your shop or grab a coffee in our cafés.


Carefully chosen by Sue so there is a choice for everyone and, yes, all recipes are easy to prepare! We have books with dishes for each season, each course, specific dietary requirements and for ingredients that are currently in the limelight due to their health benefits.


Some current favourites for you are:


Eat better not less - This book proves that healthy food isn't boring and filling your body with the right ingredients can make you feel amazing. With a whole chapter on creative salads, as well as over 20 desserts, this is for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle, without having to go hungry or giving up delicious food.


Energy balls and bars - Full of superfoods and can be easily made at home. With health benefits in mind, all these recipes are dairy-free, mostly gluten-free, packed full of protein, and can be cooked or raw. The punch comes with the ingredients: chia seeds, oats, quinoa, almond butter, walnuts, cacao, coconut oil and dates.


Pop in and have a look for yourself!  Ideal gift for your Valentine or your Mum this year for Mother’s Day!