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Find that time has run away with you or you don’t know what to cook for dinner tonight?  Let us give you a helping hand with our new range of homemade dishes.  From our talented cooks you’ll discover a quality and flavour that matches that you would make at home.


So, how do we know it’s that good that you’ll want it?!  Well, we specialise in local, seasonal and quality ingredients so our shops are the larder and we have vast experience as caterers for private and corporate events.  We create the recipes in our test kitchen and perfect them to ensure that they are as good as you would make.


We’re delighted to bring you meal solutions for 1 or 2 people or a family.  Here are some of the choices that you’ll find in our delis - you simply need to warm through and dinner is ready!


• Our homemade beef or veggie chilli

• Our homemade meat curry

• Our homemade tomato sauce for pasta dishes, pizza, baked eggs & any many more dishes

• Our homemade soups - always 5 flavours including a seasonal special

• Our homemade salads


We take care to ensure that dishes meet dietary needs including vegetarian, gluten & dairy free and
vegan diets.


Coming soon, our homemade fruit crumbles and fruit tarts plus our homemade granola for breakfast.


Please give us your ideas and requests and we’ll develop our growing range further to help you with
your meal solutions!