Appledore:  01237 429 065  Instow:  01271 860 310

This month we’ve crossed the waters and visited Appledore to see the friendliest face we could think of!


A hit with us, the tourists, and the locals – Marks your man when visiting our Appledore Grocery!


How long have you worked at Johns’ now then Mark?

“Well it’s definitely been over 6 years now! It’s hard to pinpoint exactly though!”


And what made you want to work with us?

“I enjoy serving the public. It’s a very face-to-face job which I love! It’s also nice to have the mix of serving customers and everything else that happens in the shop.”


What’s your favourite thing Johns’ sells in Appledore?

“Well I’ll tell you what I buy the most of which I shouldn’t! But the pre-packed peppered steak slices are my favourite things to have for lunch whilst I’m here!”


Finally, do you have any funny stories or secrets about Johns and/or the people you work with?

“There’s no secrets in Appledore! Of course not. However I have served a famous person quite a few times before which was fun!”