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A long-standing customer to Johns of Instow? Then you’ll recognise Paula straight away! Known for her contagious smile, and whacky love for the royal family… meet Paula!


How long have you been part of Team Johns in Instow then?

I think about 7 years now! I’ve stopped counting!


Have you got any funny stories about your time here or Team Johns over the last 7 years?

There’s too many to choose from, most I don’t think I can tell!

We have lots of giggles pretty much every day here at Johns!


So, what’s your favourite thing that we sell or have ever sold?

Definitely the chocolate brownies!! And most of the WOW Cakes too…


Finally, what do you like to do when you’re not here at Johns?

We host students from Spain and France actually!

This year we have students staying with us from Romania which will be fun.

My two boys also love fishing, so I let their dad take them whilst I stay and relax at home!!!

We also have a few cats which we love.

My husband also has lots of birds and my boys have tropical fish too.