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We’ve got lots of new English wine & cheeses entering our deli product ranges - Perfect for the
upcoming summer months!



Lyme Bay Winery, from the heart of the South West, has developed 4 different wines – each one perfectly crafted to give a fine, English finish.


All wines are inspired by traditional methods & recipes but pushed to the boundaries by some of the country’s most talented winemaking & brewing experts.


Here at Johns, we’re stocking the brilliant:

Shoreline – an award winning well balanced and refreshing wine with complex layers. This beautiful wine has subtle notes of rose petal, pineapple and lime.


Sandbar – an award winning Bacchus grape white with a range of characteristics including grapefruit, guava, box wood, and a hint of blackcurrant.


Pinot Noir Rose – an award winning light rose with complex aromas of cherries, rosehip, and strawberries and cream.


Brut Reserve – a fruit driven sparkling wine which displays refreshing lemon, and green apple notes.



We’re also updating our cheese cabinets to stock wonderful produce from The Fine Cheese Company! All are English Artisan Cheeses packed with flavor and lots of local, organic ingredients.


Examples of these cheeses are:

‘Baron Bigod’ from Fen Farm Dairy, Suffolk is a Silver Medal Award Winner from the

Artisan Cheese Awards 2017.


‘Perl Wen’ from Caws Cenarth, Dyfed is a Gold Medal Award Winner from the Artisan Cheese Awards 2017.

‘St Jude’ from White Wood Dairy, Suffolk is a lovely small cow’s milk cheese that is also a Gold Medal Award Winner.


‘Westcombe Hand Select Cheddar’ from Westcombe Dairy, Somerset is an aged cheddar chosen

by cheese care managers.


‘Stichelton’ from Stichelton Dairy, Nottingham is the only unpasteurized stilton type cheese in the country.

‘Berskwell’ from Ram Hall Dairy, is the Supreme Champion from the Artisan Cheese Awards 2017.

It’s “The best English pecorino, and has been for a long time”.


The ‘Cornish Smuggler’ is a vegetarian, red-orange veined version of the famous (& much loved by us!) Trelawney.


However, we have many more in-store! So do pop into Instow, or too Appledore’s new cheese counter to try them for yourself!