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Meet Roger! He’s our Production Kitchen wizard who always bakes up a storm creating lots of delicious goodies for you!


Since so many of you ask who makes all our delicious brownies and cakes, we thought we’d give you some inside information on what goes on behind the scenes! We took the time to ask Roger what life’s like here at Johns and here’s the answers…


“So, Roger, how long have you worked here at Johns now?”

“I’ve worked here a year in February so about 18 months now, blimey!”


“And what bought you here to work at Johns?”

“I’ve worked in small family run businesses before and it’s just something I always found nice. It’s great to work with the fresh & local produce as well – even the butters from around here.”


“What’s the best thing you think Johns’ sells then?”

“I love all the cheese from the counter down in the café – anything from there is a winner.”


“But what’s your favourite thing to bake up here in the Production Kitchen?”

“Definitely the WOW Cakes – it’s fun to experiment with them”


“And finally, when you get home – what do you like to cook then?”

“Well I don’t really cook much at home. My wife’s a chef so she cooks a lot. I’m more of a baker –
I’m experimenting with cocktail cakes at the moment!”