Waterhouse Fayre Jam


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  • Raspberry Extra Jam – 66g/100g fruit. Made with home-grown raspberries to a special, secret recipe using five varieties. The flavour of the raspberries is intense.
  • Strawberry Extra Jam – 65g/100g fruit. Double gold award winner, our strawberry jam has the most amazing flavour. A very traditional choice for cream teas!
  • Victoria Plum Jam – 68g/100g fruit. Made with English Victoria plums grown in Somerset, this jam is not only delicious but has the wonderful pink tinge of the plums, pieces of plum can be found in the jam.
  • Whortleberry Jam – 64g/100g fruit. Whortleberry is the West Country name for wild blueberries found growing on Dartmoor and Exmoor. In the Midlands they are called Bilberries. This tiny fruit produces a delicate flavoured jam.

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Raspberry Extra Jam, Strawberry Extra Jam, Victoria Plum Jam, Whortleberry Jam